I taught myself to knit and successfully made a cape and a poncho, then dropped it for a long time.  I got back into it with afghans, then added socks and a scarf.  The nice thing about afghans and scarves is that there is no fit to think about.  The nice thing about socks, besides wearing them, is that they are mindless except for the heel and toes. And since I like to knit with others and have half of my mind on the conversation, I need the knitting not to require too much focus.  However, if I start to do patterns instead of relying on self patterning yarn, socks too will take concentration.  I have yarn for a couple sweaters, but so far have not completed anything with real fit other than socks.  That is on the horizon.

Until I design my own items, nothing knitted will be for sale.  My knitting is somewhat like my cooking. The first couple times I follow the recipe, then I begin to adapt it, and then move off to something wholly mine.  So the day will come. 

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